The Urban Garden: Downtown Toronto 2008

To all those who know and love me I'm at it again! This year I'm trying to utilize my space to it's maximum capacity by trying out Companion Gardening.

What's Companion Gardening you ask?... Well it's a technique where you plant close groupings of veggies, herbs & flowers together. There are two main benefits to this.

1. We get more veggies & herbs into one space by planting companions.

2. Companions are beneficial to each other by attracting the good and warding off the evil. Making it unnecessary to use any sort of pesticides.

I bought a book to help me on my journey called Great Garden Companions by author Sally Jean Cunningham. It's been quite helpful! I've also been doing random internet searches when I come across something I can't find in the book.

Before Pictures of the Garden

My Garden is split up in two sections by a Japanese Maple, a tree stump and some tulips that were in the garden when I moved in.

Ok this is an after picture but I didn't have a before picture with Japanese Maple & Tulips.

I dug the soil and turned it.
Sprinkled about an inch of 3 & 1 mix to replenish nutrients to the soil
Raked it in & started planting

Group 5: Eggplants, Cosmo's & Banana Peppers

May 25, 2008

June 1, 2008

June 9th, 2008

June 17th